The end of flat rates as we knew them?

Netter Zufall: Der erste Tweet von SpiegelOnline hatte auch eine Telekom-Anzeige dazwischengeschaltet. Aber mobil macht das Surfen in Großstädten leidert auch längst keinen Spass mehr.Quelle: wb

First rumours in March on SpiegelOnline – along with Telekom ad.

Since Monday this week, a hot discussion develops in Germany, when ISP Telekom declared that starting on May 2nd new DSL contracts will contain speed limits (see press release – German language only). So if new customers provided with the slowest DSL speed „up to 16Mbit/s“ reach a maximum of 75 GB transfer volume, they will have to cope with 384kbit/s until the end of the month – unless they pay extra. The limitation goes up to 400GB/month for the few ones having a „up to 200Mbit/s“ contract.

A fundamental change in business models – or a stategic move? Let’s look at the facts. Weiterlesen