Net Neutrality and Public Service Broadcasting (from the archives)

NetNeutralWorldQuelle: screenshot The following analysis was originally published on EBU’s EBUZZ platform in May 2013, shortly after German Telekom announced plans to end unlimited flatrates on DSL. Thus goaded, I started to think about possible relations and consequences for public service broadcasters – and their audience….

It stirred some discussion and activities within the broadcasting community. But unfortunately, the article is no longer available on the net, as EBU apparently has  a fairly short MDD (minimum durability date) for reasons whatsoever. Therefore I put it up here again. Eventhough I amended and marked some things to make it clear: This is 2013! – please consider it being „historic“ in many other respects, too – evenmore in the light of the recent decision of European Parliament to enable an internet, with rules, that…

„….will threaten innovation, free speech and privacy, and compromise Europe’s ability to lead in the digital economy“ (Tim Berners-Lee)


Was bedeuten Flatrate- und Netzneutralitäts-Debatte für Broadcaster?


Für EBU E-BUZZ habe ich eine ausführliche Darstellung der Zusammenhänge und möglicher Auswirkungen der Flatrate/Netzneutralitäts-Debatte in Deutschland für Broadcaster verfasst:




The end of flat rates as we knew them?

Netter Zufall: Der erste Tweet von SpiegelOnline hatte auch eine Telekom-Anzeige dazwischengeschaltet. Aber mobil macht das Surfen in Großstädten leidert auch längst keinen Spass mehr.Quelle: wb

First rumours in March on SpiegelOnline – along with Telekom ad.

Since Monday this week, a hot discussion develops in Germany, when ISP Telekom declared that starting on May 2nd new DSL contracts will contain speed limits (see press release – German language only). So if new customers provided with the slowest DSL speed „up to 16Mbit/s“ reach a maximum of 75 GB transfer volume, they will have to cope with 384kbit/s until the end of the month – unless they pay extra. The limitation goes up to 400GB/month for the few ones having a „up to 200Mbit/s“ contract.

A fundamental change in business models – or a stategic move? Let’s look at the facts. Weiterlesen