Sony’s 360 Reality Audio VS Dolby Music

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screenshot SONY 360 Reality Audio Webpage

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screenshot: Dolby Music Webpage

The immersive music race is on. At CES 2020 two new initiatives to deliver music personalized in 3D audio have courted for attention: Sony’s 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Music. And it seems that we’ll be facing again a format war with partners and allies gathered in different camps, as it was some 20 years ago, when the rivalling DVD-Audio and SACD were launched to get 5.1 Surround Sound into the living room. Weiterlesen

Net Neutrality and Public Service Broadcasting (from the archives)

NetNeutralWorldQuelle: screenshot The following analysis was originally published on EBU’s EBUZZ platform in May 2013, shortly after German Telekom announced plans to end unlimited flatrates on DSL. Thus goaded, I started to think about possible relations and consequences for public service broadcasters – and their audience….

It stirred some discussion and activities within the broadcasting community. But unfortunately, the article is no longer available on the net, as EBU apparently has  a fairly short MDD (minimum durability date) for reasons whatsoever. Therefore I put it up here again. Eventhough I amended and marked some things to make it clear: This is 2013! – please consider it being „historic“ in many other respects, too – evenmore in the light of the recent decision of European Parliament to enable an internet, with rules, that…

„….will threaten innovation, free speech and privacy, and compromise Europe’s ability to lead in the digital economy“ (Tim Berners-Lee)


A walk with Henry Steinway through Steinway Hall (1996)

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picture: Wikimedia – CC BY-SA 3.0

On the occasion of Henry Ziegler Steinway’s 100th birthday, here’s is a document from my archive. This is a „binaural walk“ though Steinway Hall New York, which was from 1925 until the end of 2014 the center of the Steinway universe, located on 57th West Street New York, opposite of Carnegie Hall. A magic place of music history, you realized immediately, having entered through the door, leaving behind the noisy street…

Epen-Mythen – Die Reportage für das Goethe-Institut

GI-PodcastQuelle: wbFür das Goethe-Institut habe ich ich noch eine Reportage über die EPEN-MYTHEN-Tournee von PASSACAGLIA durch Zentralsten produziert.

A report from PASSACAGLIA’s EPICS & MYTHS-Tour in Central Asia

SOUND NOW & NEXT: Live from the BBC

BBC - old + newQuelle: wbI’m here at the famous and beautiful art deco BBC Radio Theatre in (the old) Broadcasting House for Sound Now & Next, a two day conference organized by BBC R&D. So it’s all about sound: surround, immersive, interactive. the present and the future of the medium. A thrilling program presented by a very charming and very competent presenter, musician and composer, LJ Rich, doing a fabulous job, whipping the supposedly nerdy sound engineer and creators bunch of people . . .